Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: Wow. Before I saw this blog I was soo self conscious. I thought I was one in a million. I'm very embarrassed to wear bathing suit bottoms or any tight pants really! I'm a young teen and I terrified of what boys will think. I know hook ups get gossiped. But I'm so worried of people saying I have a saggy vagina or something. I know guys my age are probably unaware of labias! I almost cry when I look in the mirror because I can't have a normal sex life until I've met "the one".

You can have a normal sex life, you don’t have to worry what guys think, most won’t care what you look like downstairs, yeah people gossip, but your labia isn’t ugly, its normal, large labia doesn’t equal a saggy vagina! Love yourself, you’re beautiful! Xoxo

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