Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: I'm sitting here literally in tears, My labia has always been my biggest insecurity causing me to feel the need to forever stay a virgin/not be in relationships, and looking at these pictures have gave me some sort of confidence, that insecurity will always be there but i definitely do feel alot better. Thank you so much for starting this blog, it definitely brings a positive outlook for me and others. :')

Your are very welcome!! we run this blog for women like you who don’t understand that their labias are beautiful and normal! I hope you continue to have a better outlook!


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Anonymous asked: My right labia side is MUCH bigger than my left side. Like take the 2 extreme vaginal types (small labia and big labia) and put them together and that is mine. After scrolling a few minutes I still haven't seen lips like mine.. Is my vagina weird?

Nope! your vulva is completely normal! most women have labias of different lengths, in some the length difference is bigger. I have seen picture of vulvas that look like yours and I will try to make an effort to post some of them. 


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Anonymous asked: I am now insecure about my labia after seeing this blog.. I have basically no lips and I feel weird... Like I feel underdeveloped. My pubus is puffy but I have the smallest lips ever. I even try and stretch them to make them bigger

You are NOT underdeveloped. Labia come in all kinds of sizes. Like 0-4 inches, but don’t stress about the length of your labia. I’d suggest taking a mirror and spending some time with yourself if you’re comfortable with that. Explore a bit. 

I wish this blog didn’t make you insecure about your labia, that is not our intent at all. 

I would advise against stretching your labia. I hope you get confident with your labia soon.