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Anonymous asked: I was just wondering how much labia reduction surgery costs. I am quite self conscious of my labia but most of all it causes me discomfort such as rubbing and chafing on my clothing. It also has made me more susceptible to infections down there despite being a very clean person. Thirdly, I have dreams about surgery very often which means it's clearly affecting me subconsciously... So I would be very keen to know how much surgery would cost and whether you think it'd be benificial to me. Thankyou

They can cost anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars and it will more than likely not be covered by insurance. I think your problems could be solved be less extreme measures. 

The infections : What kind of infections are you getting? Infections in and around the vagina are not caused by having large labias. Infections are caused by a imbalance of ph which allows “bad” bacteria to grow. If you use soap frequently, that will throw off your ph and possibly give you more infections. You should only wash the outside of your vagina with warm water. (if you feel they you need to use soap, use an extremely small amount of hypoallergenic or sensitive soap) The inside of your vagina does not need to be cleaned at all, douching will cause major ph imbalances and infections.  

Chafing from clothes: First I would determine what is causing the chafing. Is it your underwear? certain pairs of pants? I have had problems with chafing and being uncomfortable in the past and what has helped me is wearing cotton underwear in bikini, brief, and “boy-short” styles. Also, if your pants are too tight or to shallow in the crotch area that could be part of the problem too. I would also recommend adjusting your labia to see if you can get it into a more comfortable position. 

Dreams: You can not control what you dream about but I really doubt that dreaming about the surgery is your subconscious tells you that you should get it done. Your dreams are more likely a manifestation of your self-consciousness about your labia.  

To be completely honest with you, I would talk to a gynecologist about this to see what they think. They might be able to better help you with these issues. I would also look in to talking with some one about your feeling about your labia. Seeing a psychologist or a counselor is not something to be ashamed of and it may help you with your self-esteem and body image. 

I truly hope this has helpful to you! If not please feel free to come off anon so we can message privately if you feel comfortable with that. 


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iamdingus asked: Emma, I just came across this today and I loved the idea of it, but I'm a little upset that you seem so unsupportive of women who are considering labiaplasty. Its important to embrace yourself as you are, but if something bothers someone so much and there is an avenue to change it that they are comfortable with, that's their prerogative. You don't have to love it, but urging people against it is hurtful and totally against the whole point of this blog, which is supposed to be a safe place. :(


I disagree. I believe the whole labia cosmetic surgery phenomenon is something sensible women (and men) should rail against. It’s an unnecessary surgical “solution” to an emotional and psychological problem. Education, awareness and counselling is a far better, cheaper, safer, less invasive, less damaging and far more effective approach.

Labiaplasty is driven by unrealistic and irrational expectations and beliefs, and an utterly immoral element of the medical profession happy to put profits ahead of female self-esteem and well being.

I don’t have to agree with it, and I don’t. Girls need to be given an alternative viewpoint and not just listen to the biased views of cosmetic surgeons. They also need to have the wool pulled off their eyes (after having it pulled over their eyes first by these negative influences) and learn the truth about body diversity and normal female genital anatomy.

Ultimately people can do what they want with their bodies. Hopefully they do it though for the right reasons and with full information, not because of ignorance and lack of proper care.

This site defends the rights of women and stands up for labia everywhere. Some things in life are just plain wrong, and labia surgery for cosmetic reasons is one of them.

I’m sorry my views upset you but I won’t apologise for my beliefs and what this blog is trying to do.


Great response! I for one am in agreement with you. 


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