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Anonymous asked: Is it normal for a guy to want to lick and suck my labia? I have one lip that's half an inch long and another that's four inches long. My boyfriend seems to spend a lot of time licking and sucking them - often more than 20 minutes. It sort of feels nice but should he be spending so much time down there?

He likes your labia. He’s spending some time down there but if the two of you are happy then all is good. If you are uncomfortable with him spending so much time down there, then talk to him. 


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Anonymous asked: I have a couple of questions regarding sex. Is it ok if I ask them here? I do have a big labia, which is why I found this blog in the first place, but I need help regarding sex in general.

Yes it is ok to ask! if you want to come off anon I could answer them privately if that would make you more comfortable. 


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Anonymous asked: I have a question about the skin outside of my labia minora and I'm hoping you can help me! (The flat skin that you see on the outside of your lips.) I was wondering if it is normal to have one side darker than the other? My one side is pink and then the other side is redish/ purplish. I also have veins on that side too. Is this normal?!

I think you are referring to your labia majora? If you are then it is completely normal for you to it be different colors and have veins! No one vagina looks like another, you are normal so don’t worry about it! If you are still concerned then I would maybe talk to a doctor to put your mind at ease.