Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: /post/43609233136/two-weeks#notes About this post... their intentions notwithstanding, why do you express your disgust about the genitalia of one sex while praising the ones of the other, regardless of shape, size and color? Do Penises deserve less respect, care and love? Are they by nature less aesthetic? Why would a penis be aggressive, if what makes it hard is almost exclusively joy?

Firstly, let me point out that there is nothing wrong with penises. But your question isn’t really valid when it’s clearly a blog promoting larger labia in a positive light. Which is the blogs focus, so why in all good reason would we post images of penises when this blog has nothing to the content of our blog, and they can be very aggressive when posted with captions such as..”I’d love to fuck all these juicy cunts”…