Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm very self conscious about my labia, it kind of sticks out and are really big is that normal?

That’s totally normal! No two vaginas look the exact same, and all are beautiful. Large labia lips are no less “normal” than small labia lips. They’re all wonderful.

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Mans Opinion

"I’m a successful attractive 35 yr old man who readily admits is VERY PICKY when it comes to women. Having said that, I have NEVER judged a women by they way her labia look! MEN LOVE PUSSY - PERIOD! We love the way it looks, tastes, smells and feels! When I’m with a woman all I really care about is how I make her feel, and I’m usually mesmerized by her delicious lips no matter what they look like. I’m white and most of the women I have had the extreme pleasure of sleeping with have also been white, however, I’ve been with black women, asian women, and hispanic women and have loved all of their uniqueness. Every woman looks, smells and tastes different and men love it all!!! So PLEASE, PLEASE love yourselves and your amazing labia! Because I can promise the man you’re with does and if for some insane reason he doesn’t, he is absolutely not worth keeping and probably likes penis more anyway!

Love yourselves!”

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ineffablypleasant asked: Wow. Thank you. Seriously, THANK YOU. You're great.

Thank YOU! (:

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Anonymous asked: Is this blog still functioning?

Yes, it is. We have a new moderator helping out so we’ll be up and running once again! (:

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Anonymous asked: thank you so much, i was feeling really insecure about my vagina, but now i'm feeling so happy with it. you have no idea how long this has brought me down. thank you. just, thank you.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m so glad that this blog has helped you! That’s what we’re here for. (:

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Hey everyone!

My name is Jena and I’m going to be helping out with this blog now.

Thank you for all of your submissions and questions! (:

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shannonsaysdraw asked: Thank you so much for this blog!! I wish this was taught in sex ed. I didnt realize vaginas could all look soo different and this has made me feel much better about myself and given me more confidence! My vagina is beautiful and normal :) thank you!!

Thank you! I agree, sex ed does not teach people that there is so many ways for the body to look. I’m so glad that this blog has helped you. (: