Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: (continued white stones) Running ones nail against the skin helps push them out, and pull your hood back as much as you can. You're going to be sore after, but it'll teach you not to neglect your vulva again!

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Anonymous asked: I saw some people asking you about white stones - they're discharge/smegma (yes, females get smegma!) that's gotten stuck. Cleaning ones vulva regularly will prevent them (which is why they're more common in sexually inactive people, because stuff isn't being moved around!), but getting them out the first time/after a period of neglect is going to HURT. Pop some asprin, get some q-tips and warm water, and go to town (continued)

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Anonymous asked: I love large labia because when having sex, they rub up against my penis so nicely! Stay body positive girls :)

Thank you for this!

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My meaty pussy

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My meaty pussy

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Anonymous asked: My labia stick out quite a bit..I'm 15 and I'm really self conscious about them idk if it's gonna be a turn off to guys and I'm scared to show them :/

If he has a problem with it, he doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near your lady bits. Protruding labia is totally normal.

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Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for this blog... Reading all the comments and watching all the different types of labia that there are, all beautiful and normal, has made me feel much more confident. Thanks!

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I was so excited to find this blog sine I’ve always been suuuper insecure¬†about my vulva, especially since i started college, and I really thought this would make me feel better but it didn’t. It actually made me feel worse. 99% of the pictures I’ve seen on here, and I went through like 10 pages, were all of the same type of labia. I get everyone is different and unique but I don’t see that on this site. I don’t know maybe it’s just me being obnoxious but I just wish I saw something more like me so I could feel a little bit better about myself.

- Hello anon. I’m sorry that you feel that way! What would you like to see more of?

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Anonymous asked: I wanted to know if any one has this problem or if it's normal/common. My labia minora aren't the same size, one is extremely larger than the other, I am extremely shy about it when it comes to intimacy.

This is totally normal! So many women have unevenly sized labia minora. You’re beautiful regardless.