Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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yourbodyisgoldenx-deactivated20 asked: Hey I see we're doing similar blogs :) It's really cool what you're doing. I'm hoping to get more NSFW submissions like yours.

It is great to hear from other body positive blogs like yours! thank you for the praise! 


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prettyflowersandstuff asked: These kinds of blogs make me so self conscious. I have a large labia and have never had an issue with it. It's mine and I love it but so many women say they have been told horrible things by men, it makes me think twice.

Don’t feel self conscious about your labia. =o 

Just know that there are some guys out there who expect women to look like porn stars naked. And other guys know that all women are beautiful. So be thankful? happy? that you’ve never been with some jerk who says anything negative about your labia. 

Continue loving your labia, and have a fantastic day. 


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Anonymous asked: if you are on birth control (depo shot) & you don't have a period just on and off spotting, but decided to have sex will you still be safe? Also how long will this spotting last?

well on the depo shot you should not be able to get pregnant pretty soon after getting the shot (like less than 24 hours later). So if you has the shot within 2-3 months you are fine to have sex. Also, the spotting should eventually stop but everyone is not the same and you should talk to your doctor about that but most stop after the first few weeks. I also must say that you should seriously consider using condoms with your partner to protect against stds even though you can’t get pregnant.