Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: For the record: I don't like sex. My vagina is just as beautiful as anyone else's.

Yes it is!!! Beauty and body image is not in anyway related to the amount of sex a person has! 


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alliehasthebootie asked: Your blog is amazing. I've never seen such positive reassurance from a completely stranger like this!!! Keep it up and I will make sure to send in some pics of my large lady lips o thank you for the support of all woman to be happy with who they are and not to be ashamed. Thank you!!!!! You are an amazing human being!

Thank you!!! Nobody should feel bad about a beautiful and normal part of their bodies. We are so glad that this blog is a positive resource for people! 


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Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for helping me understand the beauty of big lips! I now feel confident with my body (:

^^ We’re all so glad that you see the beauty in large lips and feel confident with your body. 

If I could I’d high five you, or hug you right now. So glad this blog is able to help.