Beautiful Labia

All shapes and sizes

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Anonymous asked: I'm really self conscious because I feel like the top part, like where the front of my undies go, it's really fat?? Because I'm not fat, but it's like... There's a bulge & it makes me really upset and I don't know why? Does anybody else have that?

Yes, everyone has that it is called the pubis mons. Some people’s are bigger and stick out more but that is completely normal. 


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Anonymous asked: I have quite a well developed clitoris which stands erect when I'm aroused; I find I get better stimulated when my partner takes me doggy style & his hard penis brushes over my clit as he thrusts into me; repeated orgasms are guarenteed when this happens...Love your blog!!!

We’re delighted you love our blog. 

Clitoral stimulation is a great way to orgasm! If anyone is having trouble orgasming, which is normal, try adding in some clitoral stimulation in addition to what ever. 

Enjoy your doggy style orgasms.