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Anonymous asked: Ahh, I just wanted to say that this blog is wonderful. <3 I've felt kind of self-conscious about my labia because it's really dark, kind of flabby and wrinkly-- but coming to this site I've realized that there's nothing wrong with them, they're natural and beautiful and so are all labia. Thanks for creating this awesome blog! You rock.

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loverofboobsboobs asked: Are there any photos of YOUR labia on this blog?

Not of me, but I’m not sure if the other moderators have posted theirs.

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Anonymous asked: I don't mind my labia, they are bigger then some on here, but also smaller. However its my clitoris hood that I absolutely hate! Its bigger then most on here,i read so many things saying 'everyone's is normal' But I still can't help feeling otherwise

Clitoral hoods are just more skin. Nothing out of the ordinary. (:

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Anonymous asked: i used to be insecure about my labia since i was about 11 and i thought i did something to it to make it stick out so much, it dangles out like an inch out. it was one of my biggest insecurities i thought mine i was different from every ones looking at porn and etc. im 16 now and and my partner says she loves it and that it looks like a heart and looking at these blogs and feminism really make me love myself and my labia a lot more!

I’m so happy that you’re loving your labia and you’ve got a great partner to love it as well!

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Anonymous asked: I visit your blog every few months because ever since I found it, It has completely changed my life. I have always been insecure about my labia they are big but I have learned to like them anyways. and I'm very lucky to have a man who thinks my pussy is completely sexy and beautiful. he likes to suck on my labia while he is down there and that makes me feel great. my labia are also a little darker in color but that doesn't bother him either. thank you so much for making this blog I love it!!

Thank you so much for your positive message! I’m so happy that this blog has helped you. I’m glad you’ve got an awesome partner that loves you for who you are. (:

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Anonymous asked: I really love your blog, but please remember that not all women have vaginas and everyone with a vagina isn't a woman xoxo

I agree with you! This blog is totally hate free, and accepts all forms of women.

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I have this milky white discharge in my underwear every day. Therefore I wear a thin pad every day. This has been going on for maybe 2 years now and I haven’t told ANYONE. I’ve never Had sex before and just wondering why this has been happening and what I can do to stop it.


Vaginal discharge is totally normal. It’s your vagina just cleaning and doing it’s thing. If you’re really concerned about it though, you could always talk to your doctor or Gynocologist.

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Anonymous asked: I'm super self conscious about my labia. I'm afraid I'm going to have sex, and a boy see it and be disgusted. I don't know why, I'm just so self conscious about it. I've looked at this blog so much, and it makes me feel better, but I'm just afraid that my lover will just be disgusted with me.

From my experience and other people’s experiences that I’ve heard, it’s not something to worry about. It’s more for your partner to pleasure. It seems scary now, but you’ll see that it’s not a big deal. (:

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I have quite a large labia that hangs and I find it difficult when I'm shaving and trimming down there because of my labia minora. I'm always scared that I'm gonna it so I can never fully shave down there. Any tips? (Btw I absolutely love your blog and all the body positivity!!)

I personally have experience with this because I have large labia as well. When I shave, I use one hand to hold my labia to one side, and I shave the opposite side. And vice versa. There’s probably other ways to do it, but I just do it the lazy way haha.
Any followers have any tips?